The Government of Vanuatu has established a Steering Committee to oversee the work of the MCA-Vanuatu Program Management Unit. The Steering Committee comprises of seven (7) voting members and three (3) nonvoting observers. The director of the Program Management Unit serves as an ex officio nonvoting member.The Steering Committee has monthly meetings as well as such other periodic meetings or subcommittee meetings as may be necessary from time to time.

1.The Voting Members comprise:

  • the Director General of the Office of the Prime Minister;
  • the Director General of the Ministry of Finance & Economic Management;
  • the Director General of the Ministry of Infrastructure & Public Utilities;
  • the Director General of the Ministry of Lands, Geology and Mines;
  • the Director of the Public Works Department;
  • the Director of the Finance Department; and
  • the Director of the Department of Strategic Policy and Planning.

2.The three Observers comprise:

  • one (1) representative selected (and from time to time replaced) by MCC;
  • two (2) representatives, at least one of whom shall be female, selected by consensus by the Stakeholders’ Committee described below. In the event the Stakeholders’ Committee is unable to reach consensus, such selection shall require an affirmative vote of at least nine (9) members of the Stakeholders’ Committee.

The Steering committee is mandate with the following responsibility:

  • Oversee the overall implementation of the Program in accordance with the Compact and relevant Supplemental Agreements,
  • Oversee the Program Management Unit so that the Government meet all its responsibilities define in the Compact; and provide approvals on all necessary documents as required by MCC in accordance with the Compact and Supplemental Agreements.View full Governance
mca_vanuatu_steering_committe MCA-Steering Committee
From Left to Right: Benjamin Shing – Steering Committee Member (Director of Finance and MCA Fiscal Agent),George Manuiri – Vice Chair of the Steering Committee ( Director General MFEM),Hans Heutcher – MCA Project Manager,Johnson Wabaiat – MCA Program Director,Simeon Athy Malachai – Chairman of the Steering Committee (Director General Prime Minister’s Office)

"In March of 2006, the Millennium Challenge Corporation signed a five-year, $65.69 million Compact with the Government of Vanuatu to reduce poverty and stimulate economic growth by targeting the country's poor transportation infrastructure." Read more

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