The Vaturisu Council of Chiefs Executive announced its decision to open all quarries in every village and area for the MCA Contractor to use to build Efate Ring Road at no cost.Speaking for all the chiefs of Efate, Vaturisu Vice President Chief Kalkot Mormor said the decision was reached in an urgent meeting with the Department of Public Works on the issue of quarry permits granted by the Commission of Mines to private contractors to provide quarry to the MCA Contractor.
The main concern highlighted to the Chiefs during the meeting was that, the quarry licensees would be dealing with the MCA Office in providing quarry to the MCA Contractor at a rate that is not feasible, and may cause a delay in the Efate Ring Road Project.

The following were agreed upon in the meeting: -

  • All quarries in Efate will be open in every village or area for the MCA Contractor to use.
  • No licenses will be issued to any contract operators with the intention of working with MCA Contractor, as the Chief does not want to see middlemen work between Chiefs and landowners and MCA.
  • The Chiefs unanimously agreed if there are licenses already issued to quarry operators that the Minister responsible suspend these licenses, particularly in relation to the MCA Efate Ring Road Project.
  • The Chiefs would like to remind the Government that since this Project is of national interest, all Efate Chiefs and landowners have already public ally stated that they will allow their quarries to be used as no cost for this important Project.
  • Environment Management Plans for each sub-project
  • The Efate Chiefs have agreed that the Minister responsible for Mines use his power under the Mines and Minerals Act CAP 190 not to allow any dealings with the private contractors, but rather for all Efate Chiefs and landowners to deal directly with MCA Contractors to utilize the quarries for the benefit of all people in Efate and Vanuatu.
  • Finally in the signed agreement the Vaturisu Chiefs have determined that they will only work with the Public Works Department on behalf of the Vanuatu Government in supplying quarry needed for the Efate Ring Road Project, and is asking the Government and MCA not to delay the Project, but to commence work immediately.

"In March of 2006, the Millennium Challenge Corporation signed a five-year, $65.69 million Compact with the Government of Vanuatu to reduce poverty and stimulate economic growth by targeting the country's poor transportation infrastructure."Read more

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