The Millennium Challenge Account(MCA) Vanuatu transport Infrastructure Program includes MCA03 Subproject, Which involves the upgrade of 53.8 km of the Santo East Coast Road, including approximately 15.2km of bitumen seal and associated road rehabiliation works, where the remaining section of road upgraded with the compacted coral and appropriate drainage. It is understood that a significant part of the upgraded coral road after the Kole community entrance wil be funded with contributions from NZAID.It is the Government OF Vanuatu's intention to sealthe road to Port olry overtime. Some bridge rehabiliation work may be included in the project, though bridge assesments Resettlement Action Plan(RAP) for the construction works associated with the Ubproject. The RAP approach that is being taken for the santo East Coast Road Subproject is consistent with the approach undertaken for the RAP numbers 01-06 for Efate Ring Road in terms of generic Goodwill Entitlement (Compensation) Table(GET) and Grievance Redress Procedures. The GET has been updated to ensure consistent practises in respect in respect of the treatment of outlets on to property.
The Santo East Coast Road Subject involves the upgrade of an existing road, for the most part within the alignment of a Government Right of Way. The Subproject has the support of the SANMA Provincial Office, SupenatuvitanO Councils of Chiefs from Santo, communities and individuals living adjacent to the road, and interested stakeholders such as tourism and hospitality operators. There will be no displacement or relocation of people or households. The design of the upgrade will avoid , remedy or mitigate from the Santo East Coast Road upgrade will be very minor and readily mitigated. Most impacts relate to trees and fences/hedges within or adjacent to the Right of Way(RoW). There may be some temporary loss of land used for construction assembly, storage or site works. No significatn temporary loss of income related to the impact of construction on access to the properties has been indentified. There has been no site indentified on Santo East Coast Road where small-scale permanent loss of land will occur as as result of the existing road encroachment on leased land and design solutions are restricted. There is a concern that as drainage solutions are addressed. there may be a need for potentially intrusive outlets on to private property; these solutions will be addressed under the GET process. Read the full report

"In March of 2006, the Millennium Challenge Corporation signed a five-year, $65.69 million Compact with the Government of Vanuatu to reduce poverty and stimulate economic growth by targeting the country's poor transportation infrastructure."Read more

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